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Data download on the go – secure and limitless!

Small investment with big impact

With the new Fleet Trak 365 Remote DL 4G in conjunction with the Tachograph Management Download Service, customers can make a remote download of the DTCO tachograph data now via LTE. The data is downloaded flexibly and automatically, independent of time and place from all European countries, without the driver having to intervene. Compliance with the specified download deadlines is therefore no problem, because the wireless transmission of mass storage and driver card data is fully automatic and secure – no matter where your vehicle is currently located.

Make your fleet work routine much easier

  • no time required, the download is completely automatic
  • no staff required on site: saves time and money!
  • regardless of time and place throughout Europe
  • important database for the further optimization of everyday
  • fleet life
  • no company card required in the truck, no need to leave
  • the office
  • no more penalties, legal requirements are met
  • readout process very fast thanks to LTE technology
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Based on a powerful platform

  • CAN interface
    Numerous notification functions with detailed information on tachograph data and vehicle condition

  • Communication via SIM card
    Integrated SIM Card, device ready to use in no time at all.

  • Direct access to web-based service
    The customer no longer has to install a local application, but accesses the web-based service online

How does the data transfer work?

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    Start connection via Remote DL 4G (DTCO® to Fleet Trak 365 Fleet Tachograph Management Remote Download Service)

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    Feedback on company card signature

  • 3

    Secure tachograph data transfer from DTCO® to Remote DL 4G via cable

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    Encrypted data transfer from Remote DL 4G to computer via 2G/LTE

  • 5

    When you use Fleet Trak 365 Fleet, the download of mass memory and driver card data is transferred via a secure connection

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