Camera System Download Information

Live System

Open Ceiba III Software.

Click ‘Playback’ at the top of the screen.

Click ‘Online’ on the next line below.

Select vehicle on the left hand of the screen. The vehicle icon needs to be either GREEN or ORANGE.

Double click on the icon of the vehicle (It will show registration numbers if multiple vehicles).

This will open a window below the vehicle icons showing dates, the date must have a red dot which indicates it has recorded footage on that day. It will go back around 30 days or so depending on vehicle use.

Double click the date.

To the right it will show the cameras loading up.

Camera 1 = Left Side Camera

Camera 2 = Right Side Camera

Camera 3 = Reverse Camera

Camera 4 = Driver Facing Camera or Body Camera

Camera 5 = Front Camera

Select the camera which you wish you view. Press the ‘Play’ arrow.

At the bottom will be solid Blue line showing the time that recording has taken place during that day. You can move across this line with the cursor to the correct time you wish to view. The speed of the playback can differ depending on the location of the vehicle at that time, for example, if the vehicle is working at the same time you want to download footage, it can go in and out of signal similar to a mobile phone.

Once you have found the footage to wish to download, click on the ‘Scissor’ icon. This will bring up two ‘broken lines’ you can then select the time by moving these across the solid blue line, once you have done this, click the OK button.

This will open up another window where you can enter the precise time you want the recorded footage to start from and end.

Enter the time, (NB try and keep the time to a minimum as a large video file can take a long time to download and also to send on if needed.)

Below the start and end time it will show the channel (camera) number. If you need footage from more than 2 cameras, it may be beneficial to do these separately.

Select ‘AVI’.

Path….This is where you want to save the footage clip. For example, put a folder on your desktop or create a file ‘Footage downloads’. Then save it to that file. Click the 3 dots to the right of the Path line, select a folder or destination to save it to.

Click OK

An icon will float up to the top of the screen to the download arrow icon, It will turn green, click the arrow icon to open the download window.

Click ‘Save to local’

The download may start automatically, if not click ‘Start Task’

A green bar will indicate progress. Once finished the footage will be in your chosen ‘Path’/ ‘File’.

When you see your video file you’ve downloaded, you can right click to rename it if required prior to sending on.

Non Live System

Using the key provided with the DVR unit, unlock the hard drive at the front of the unit. This will power down the system. Gently pull the handle/lever down whilst pulling which will release the hard drive from the DVR.

Using the blue cable and the black connector plug, connect the hard drive up to your pc/laptop using the USB port.

Open Ceiba III.

At the top click ‘Playback’

Then ‘Directory’ below that.

You will see your vehicle/green icon.

Double click the icon to select date.

Follow steps above.

To send footage via email

Open up your browser.

Find ‘We Transfer’

Click send File

Put in your email address and the recipients email.

Click attach file.

Attach your file you want to send.

You will then receive an email will a code number.

Enter this number on the ‘we transfer’ screen when prompted.

Press send.